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Sarah Barrett Organic Luxe Concept

The Founders' Portrait

Photography . Digital Design

The founders' portrait on the wall
The founders' portrait on the wall

Project Overview

Sarah Barrett Organic Luxe Concept is a leading premium Salon and Spa. It was founded by mother and son, Sarah and Jack. They wanted to use an old photo of themselves as the basis to create a vibrant piece of wall art.

My task was to create a piece of work that built on the close relationship they have, which was already clearly illustrated in the original photo. Before any creative work could start, the photo had to be restored, ready for large-scale digital use.

To rise to the creative challenge I took inspiration from Sarah and Jack’s story of making their business a success, which is filled with vision, adversity and challenges. Without their strong bond, tenacity, and attitude to overcoming the obstacles, there would have been no vision, and no success.

The finished founders’ portrait artwork would then become a centrepiece in their modern and stylish salon.


Photo retouching on Mac screen
The Founders Portrait photo before restoration The Founders Portrait photo after restoration
The Founders Portrait photo before restoration
Adding spray paint and texture using the iPad
The founders' portrait close-up detail

Visualising A Tenacious Bond

The aim was to visualise the tenacious bond between the two founders. It needed to be edgy while being vibrant and contemporay for its intended salon surroundings.

The artwork took inspiration from the punk art of the 70s, and the textures of spray can art, for the edgy approach Sarah and Jack took in making their business a success. While the modern geometric curved lines were overlaid to show the strong bond between mother and son.

The finished wall art was digitally printed on metallic gloss paper, for a pearlescent shimmer, encapsulated under high gloss acrylic glass.

The founders' portrait in full with a close-up of spray paint detail
The founders' portrait on high-gloss acrylic in the salon

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